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Jon Douglas Gallo; L.M.T., C.P.T. Author

Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Entrepreneur

Offers Other Fitness Pros Ways

To Enjoy a Profitable Business

Despite COVID-19 Challenges


Certified trainers can be profitably up and running in a matter of days, without major financial investment or liability risks.


(East Brunswick, NJ, USA) –  Jon Gallo, a legendary fitness coach and the CEO of Results Boxing and Fitness, wants to give other fitness professionals their best chance to thrive, despite these uncertain times. With that mission in mind, he has established WeFitStudios, an initiative 100% focused on facilitating that success with minimal risk and maximum opportunity for profitability.

Many very talented fitness professionals are suddenly unemployed. Many passionate workout enthusiasts are unhappy that their gym is closed. That’s a terrible problem, but one that Gallo thinks is begging for a fresh, innovative solution. There are also many up-and-coming fitness coaches and trainers who were about to launch their own fitness centers and programs, until those dreams were wrecked by COVID-19. That’s why Gallo’s organization has proactively entered into negotiations with Washington Prime Properties, to open more than 100 WeFitStudios nationwide. The first one, scheduled for opening this year in The Brunswick Square Mall in East Brunswick, NJ will offer certified instructors and personal trainers a luxurious, beautifully equipped space to train their own clients and attract new ones.

As Gallo explains, “Fitness trainers cannot afford to buy, lease, and build-out a fitness studio, especially one with sufficient square footage for healthy social distancing. That’s just to open the door, and doesn’t include the effort and expense that goes into attracting a clientele, which can take years. If you go to an existing gym to sign up as a trainer, they’ll take most of the profits for themselves, leaving you with small potatoes. But we have a blueprint and strategy to give you and your fitness clients everything you could wish for, without the hassles, headaches, delays, and financial pressures.”

The studios will boast state-of-the-art audio and lighting, to create an exciting, pumped-up and motivational environment equipped with all the basic fitness equipment essentials. The spaces are great for classes such as Zumba, Pound, Yoga, Ball Room Dancing, and more. “No fitness studios have a fun nightclub theme,” says Gallo, and parking, usually a serious obstacle for most guy goers, is always abundant. Plus the mall is a natural marketing magnet attracting throngs of potential clientele to sign up for your classes on your website our ours, and generate high-growth revenue.” In addition to studio space for rent, WeFitStudios will offer a full menu of fitness business services. Those include web design, marketing, sales training, and ongoing entrepreneurial coaching based on Gallo’s extraordinary track record of success.

To discuss investment opportunities or to rent space in a WeFitStudios facility, contact

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