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Jon Douglas Gallo,

Celebrity Fitness Professional Jon Gallo, L.M.T, C.P.T.,  Now Offers

Fun, Healthy, High-Intensity “Results Boxing”

Inside the East Brunswick Mall


The 50-minute workouts torch calories, boost confidence,

and maximize motivation for superior fitness results in far less time.


(East Brunswick, NJ, USA) – October 28, 2019 – Celebrity fitness pro and author Jon Douglas Gallo is now offering what people are calling the best and most fun workout they’ve ever experienced. Gallo recently opened Results Boxing and Fitness in the Brunswick Square Mall in East Brunswick, NJ, as a  50-minute high-intensity group workout designed around the core fundamentals of boxing. 


Results Boxing is a healthy and entertaining fitness experience that places vital emphasis on the fun factor. Members reap the results of an authentic boxing gym experience, but in the sleek style of a luxurious, family-oriented fitness studio. Not only does the program teach the art of boxing but it also torches fat, burns calories, and maximizes the benefits of time spent working out. “You learn while you burn,” says Gallo. “Proper technique leads to progressive growth and reduced risk of injury. You learn practical self defense and boost your confidence. Our goal is to inspire and motivate people to transform not just their bodies but their lives.”


Gallo intentionally designed the unique program with fun, transformational fitness in mind for kids AND adults at any level.

“Boxing may be the purest form of exercise,” he explains, “and the most efficient way to enhance athleticism and get you in the best shape of your life. By making it more fun, it’s easier to stick to a fitness routine and get visible results.” The Results Boxing systems blends shadow boxing, bag work, hand pad work, and bodyweight exercises. It also incorporates kettle bells, medicine balls, battle ropes, and other phenomenal equipment. The facility’s innovative Aqua Training bags provide superior resistance with less impact, enabling boxers to train harder and more realistically, with reduced risk of injury. Results Boxing also has a high-tech Fit 3-D body scanner to measure and track progress, plus a suspension station for bodyweight training and stretching. Members also love the unique way it lets them multitask while sticking to a fitness routine, says Gallo. “Being located inside the Mall has many benefits and there is always has ample parking. Drop the kids off and go get your workout. Then eat, shop, or meet up with friends or business associates, all under one roof. It’s never been easier or more convenient to get fit. We also offer health and wellness therapies such as sports massage in our Now I’m Fit facility, located in nearby Milltown, NJ.”


Gallo also wants to pay it forward and share his success by making Results Boxing available to other fitness businesses. “I learned how profitable it is to open a business within a business,” says Gallo, “because I built the Xtreme Couture MMA clubs that operated within my own health clubs. You can offer your fitness customers a new experience and expanded services to generate higher revenues with minimal investment.” Results Boxing offers a variety of models to suit any size fitness center and will assist with the entire build-out,  talent acquisition, and training to get it up and running. Email for more information. ##


Gallo has lots to share. He has managed to reach celebrity fitness trainer status, with more than a dozen TV appearances, a NY Post full-color centerfold article, and features in many other major publications. He’s run his own profitable gyms, as well as ones owned by big names like baseball star Derek Jeter and MMA legend Randy Couture. He and his wife combine many years of industry expertise, offering small group classes and private training. They combine dynamic fitness routines with nutritional counseling and incorporate the benefits of stretching and a keen knowledge of massage therapy and human anatomy. All of that goes into creating a single program that is safe, simple, and highly effective.


The motto behind Gallo’s sessions is “Educate, Inspire, and Transform,” and he says that’s the idea behind the programs he’s offering to kick off 2020. For more information or to register, visit or drop by Results Boxing at the East Brunswick Mall.

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